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Make a Donation

Your donation makes a difference. Any and all contributions are welcomed and appreciated. It's easy, fast, and safe. Plus, you help out a fantastic, trusted cause. Just click the button below. Thank you for your contribution!

Here’s a breakdown of how your donation can help:

$15 - A week's worth of breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks/day for one child.     
$20 - Purchases crayons, markers, and paper for one child/year.
$25 - Provides one child with a week's worth of diapers and wipes.
$30 - Provides training for a staff member in CPR and Pediatric First Aide.
$50 - Gas and maintenance for our bus for one week.
$150 - The above training for 5 staff members.
$200 - Daycare for one child for a week.
​$210 - Gas and maintenance for our bus for one​ month.
$300 - Pays for detergent, softener, and all laundry fees for the center.
$500 - Snow and Ice removal from our sidewalks and emergency exits.
$750 - Purchases two sand and water tables for the children
$1,250 - Pays for one month of heat and electricity in our building.
$1,500 - Purchases crayons, markers, and paper for all of our children
​$2,500 - Gas and maintenance for our bus for one year.
​$3,000 - Purchases the Creative Curriculum for early childhood education.
$10,000 - Provides daycare for one child for a full year.

Join the Gingerbread Society! 

Make a donation of $1,000 or more. 
Membership in the Gingerbread Society is annual and entitles members to two tickets to all SDN events; plus a listing in all programs, events, newsletters, and website if desired. 

GREAT News! We are officially listed as a charity on Amazon Smile. Please consider us, as your choice, the next time you shop.”  

To donate today, call us for more information or send a check payable to: Schenectady Day Nursery, 25 Lafayette St, Schenectady, NY 12305. Thank you! 


SDN relies heavily on the support of the community.
There are a number of ways you can assist us in continuing to provide affordable, safe, recognized and respected quality childcare.  

Become a Board Member
Board Members meet monthly and are responsible for the affairs, funds, and property of the Schenectady Day Nursery. They are responsible for the formation and implementation of all policies related to the Nursery.

In addition, together with the Director, the Board is responsible for the employment and duties of the staff.

Executive Director 

Diane Fisher

President - Amy Robinson

Vice President - Connie D'Amato

Treasurer - Lisa Malone
Secretary - Kimberly Speck

Board Members

Kristen Caschera

Lawrence Cioffi

Jane N. Golub

Marion "Jet" Jackson

Eli Mc Nett

Dawn Neville

Joyce Newkirk

​Matthew Nowak

Peggy O'Connor

Alisha I. Roberts

James D. Ruggiero

Patricia A. Skinner

Anne D. Skrebutenas